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Farm Card Membership

Farm Card Membership

A way to support the farm a little at a time

What is a farm card?

A farm card gives you all the perks of a CSA membership, but without the need to pick up every week, therefore giving you more flexibility throughout the season. We have flowers that you can pick, herbs, and seconds that you can enjoy as an add on with using the farm card. You can use the card for the vegetables available in the store throughout the season, and use it for the other items in our store such as meat, eggs, and cheeses. It's a great way to support the farm. You're working with our farm through the season to help continue our production. These funds will help us to keep our farm running, and to work with the community to continue provide sustainable agriculture for everyone that joins. 

How does the membership fee work?

You pay 100$ to be able to become a member, and this payment is then applied back onto your card in installments. This payment is applied to your farm card electronically allowing you to then purchase vegetables, fruits, and grocery items weekly during our farm store hours.  When you place 100$ on your card we will then put 20$ back onto your card from the membership fee. This will give you 120$ onto your card reducing your membership cost. The more you shop the lower your membership cost is until it is all gone. 

How do I start to fill my card?

You can start to fill your card in the farm store at the beginning of the season. You can either receive your card in the mail, or pick it up in the farm store. Every time you checkout you are able to check your balance to know if you need to add another installment. This will make sure to continue to lower your membership fee. Note that installments must be used up by the end of the season or the money will be forfeited to the farm. 

If you have any questions please call 845-399-8483 or e-mail

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