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Farm To Table Tickets

Farm To Table Tickets

Taliaferro Farm To Table dinners are an experience of exhibiting the full process of food to your plate. Everyday we eat, but we don’t always get to see where that food came from, and what it took to bring it to you. Here at Taliaferro Farms we want to show you the importance of fresh food, and how it brings people together. We use our fresh produce and have our CIA Graduate Chef, David Cruz, curate dishes. The evening starts with a full table of appetizers, and local Bad Seed cider, leading to a farm tour, and to a 3 course meal all using local produce, and pairing it with a Local Fjord Winery Wine, and ending the night with a fresh cup of coffee and dessert. Throughout the evening we have some live music playing for your enjoyment bringing good conversation, and community right to you. Come and join us for a night on the farm.

October 21st Menu (all dishes have a vegetarian option)


Cocktails (wine is served throughout the main courses)

Briarwood - bourbon, hazelnut and blackberry liquor, orange bitters, smoked rosemary. 

Cider Punch - apple cider, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, lemon oil, apple brandy (omittable). 


Honey-Nut Squash Crostini - sourdough crostini, honey-nut squash puree, smoked herb yogurt, pickled red onion. 

Pear and Camembert Pastry - puff-pastry, pear, nimbus camembert, caramelized honey, fried thyme 

Beet Hummus Crudité - beet hummus, carrot wedge, microgreens 

Soup and Bread 

Smoked Carrot Curry with Cilantro Crema.  

Served with Pita Bread 

First Course 

Tricolor Cavatelli - beet, carrot, and kale cavatelli, herb and kale pesto, cured egg yolk (omittable). 


Braised Short Rib – beef sauce, black garlic and corn puree, allium tarte tatin, potato pave, confit garlic aioli. 

Beet Steak (Vegetarian) – vegetable demi-glace, black garlic and corn puree, allium tarte tatin, potato pave, confit garlic aioli. 

Served with a Seasonal Garden Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette.  


Fall Verrine apple compote, pumpkin puree, spice cake, oat crumble. 

 Any dietary restrictions please let us know beforehand : Call 845-399-8483 or e-mail

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

To choose what day please select from above options. 

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